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I am: Soft Depths & Liquid Stillness:

A vast expanse: the steppe.

My path is lined with men circling me, making me visible:

Muses & collaboration partners:

I leave lovers wherever I go.

horses-1759214_1920 - Kopie - Kopie - Kopie - Kopie (2).jpg

The body of my work.

My work is a synthesis of the latest scientific findings in flow, ecstasy and embodiment research, the universal symbolism of the tarot, the secret knowledge of the courtesans and my inspiration and intuitive insight as an artist. My consultations are dense, profound, holistic, eloquent, sophisticated and always with a wink. I work in a practice- and solution-oriented manner and empathize with the individual energy and personality of each person seeking advice.


My work is at home in the physical, in the limbic, in symbolic ambiguity, in the illuminated realms of biology. My inspiration comes from my feet, from my creatureliness, my anger and my desire.

My teachers are horses,  weapons and the womb.

I am not for people who run from one coach to the next believing that all problems can be solved with narcissistic self-circling, positive thinking or light & love.  

I work best with creative, sensitive people, with wildly determined Type A personalities, free spirits & lateral thinkers who long to leave the beaten track and bravely ride towards new horizons.

My specialties:

  • Transformation processes | The dark night of the soul

  • Polarity | Male-Female Energy Dynamics

  • Femininity | Sensuality | Cyclical life

  • Instinctive Intelligence | Intuition | Body Wisdom

  • Creativity | The kiss of the muse | Vision quest

  • Ecstasy & Flow | Embodiment

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