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Inspiration & Guidance

Birth chart Reading
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"Ildiko is the perfect embodiment of the feminine.

There is nobody ... Nobody as intuitive, raw and unapologetic. Her tarot readings are COMPLETELY different from anything I have ever come across: no spiritual fluff, pure intuition. I have a keen nose for bullshit, and I smell none in Ildiko.

Her readings mirror the innermost chambers of my soul, giving me the courage to cut through hesitation and make the decisions that I really need to make. I have the deepest admiration for Ildiko's sincerity. I know nobody who is so uncompromising in her allegiance to her soul."

- Ben Lucas

Tarot Readings
Guidance & Inspiration

Are you ready to dive into the mystery of the Major Arcana?

Would you like to be guided by the ancient symbolic language of the cards?

Or are you just curious about what the future holds for you?

Then you've come to the right place!

My tarot readings are for all those who are:

  • are currently in phases of upheaval and change and are looking for clarity

  • seeking advice about their love life, career or creative destiny

  • want to live an unashamedly fulfilled life and embody their essence

  • want to connect with the wisdom of their subconscious through the cards

  • are facing important decisions and want to take a look behind the scenes

I read the cards, draw from my intuition. No matter if you already have experience with readings or if the Tarot is absolutely new territory - together we look at your individual situation and find out where you are currently drawn to. 

Based on the card picture we analyze which decision leads to which result and which options are the most promising. - Always in alignment with your gut feeling & your own intuition.

You will receive:

  • precise answers to your questions and guidance out of crisis situations & entanglements

  • absolutely honest and down-to-earth support, which strengthens your back and enables you to move forward

  • rich insights about your most important relationships and which path leads you to your desires

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Relationship Reading

30 minutes / € 69

50 minutes / € 119

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For artists, entrepreneurs & visionaries


Are you self-employed or would you like to finally bring your heart's project into the world?
Are you toying with the idea of breaking new ground professionally?
Are you longing to finally express yourself authentically?

Take the first step now & let the muse kiss you.

Creativity Readings are for you if:

  • You hate your job and want to break out of the 9 to 5 hamster wheel

  • You feel that your career has become too small for you

  • You want to make big waves with a vision

  • You are stuck in the middle of a creative blockage

  • You are pregnant with an idea, but self-doubt is eating you up

Does this sound familiar to you?

Many hear it - only very few accept it.
Following the call of your own soul is dangerous. 

You will fall down a million times on this path
and have to learn to survive in the wilderness. 

Creative work means to dance with death - 
and learning all its steps in the course of time. 

It's a constant testing of boundaries: 
The dance between two worlds:
A game with fire.

It means going all the way: Through the fog, the fires and the storm: 
To let yourself be whipped by the longing, the uncertainty and the pain of birth: 
Embracing and transforming everything. 

In the creativity readings we descend into our depths in order to give space to your very   own desire.

We forge plans and swords.
We ask the cards about the ways in the world for you.
We let the muse seduce us and whisper pale hints in our ears.

You will get:

  • precise answers from the Tarot to all your burning questions

  • crystal clear certainty about your next professional step

  • initiation into the secret of inexhaustible creativity and inspiration

  • an overview of the big picture in which you operate

  • insight about your destiny - and how you can live it NOW

What guides us on this wild path is not so much the mind or our business knowledge, but the raw material of our aliveness: the immersion and marinating in our own essence.

True success means free flow.
Are you ready to accept the call?

In the Creativity Readings, you'll learn:

  • how to break out of the matrix and stop living lazy compromises

  • energetic draining that so many today confuse with lifehow to stop the

  • cultivate true abundance until your energy spills over into the world

  • get out of your head and back into your body

  • how success vibrates for YOU personally - far away from self-help clichés and optimization bullshit

Beware - this offer is only for pioneers, flame throwers, fools and warriors!

Send me a message in the contact form to book your reading now.

yearly Transit Reading

50 minutes  /   € 119

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Courtesan Readings
For women only

  • You are a successful, self-determined woman - but your whole life feels like an endless to-do list?


  • You've worked on & healed yourself so much, but being a good "spiritual" girl hasn't made you any happier?


  • Other people appreciate you for your intelligence & your incredible heart. But when it comes to your sensuality & being a woman, you feel lost?


  • You finally want a happy, fulfilling relationship - but it just won't work out with the man of your dreams, even though you do everything for him?

If you have found yourself in one (or all points) ...
Then let me take you by the hand and dive into:

  • the secret knowledge of the courtesans

  • femininity & sensuality

  • pleasure as a discipline

The COURTESAN-Readings combine the symbolic teachings of the Tarot with the wisdom of the ancient courtesan lineages. Individually tailored to your particular situation, we explore selected themes from the broad field of sensuality, pleasure and feminine power.

For centuries, the old courtesan lines of Europe have guarded a kind of secret knowledge for centuries, which has been largely forgotten by modern feminism.

They knew, for example:

  • That the pleasure a woman carries in her body is her greatest power.


  • How to lead indirectly and wrap all men around your finger


  • How to make progress in life playfully without wasting energy pointlessly


The courtesans were women who, at a time of unimaginable female oppression, light-footedly and strategically defied all social rules and taboos.


The courtesans were priestesses over body & soul:

Initiates into the lost art & discipline of being a woman.

They were muses, mistresses and the first business women to live self-determined and free lives.

Like prostitutes, courtesans took money for sex. But just as often, men also paid for the mere pleasure of their female presence, the artistic inspiration and sexual healing they received from these women.

Their secret knowledge was passed on over time - like all feminine traditions - from mother to daughter.

Their skills included, among others:


  • The art of flirting & seduction

  • The cultivation of sexual energy

  • Strategic action & an extremely high emotional intelligence

  • A deep understanding of the male psyche

  • The worship & adoration of beauty

  • Wit, eloquence & fluency of speech

  • The creation of abundance & financial independence

  • Charisma & feminine magnetism

In the courtesan readings we explore how this feminine knowledge from deep down still speaks to us today and what we can learn from the forgotten feminine arts as modern women.

A courtesan reading is perfect for you if you ...

  • Are tired of trying, working hard & "earning" love
  • Want to connect deeply with your intuition, the anatomy of your desires & the power of your desires.

  • Want more pleasure in your life.

  • Are tired of having to "stand your ground" at work and in everyday life.

  • Want to lead & get ahead in life the feminine way: sensually, strategically and always with a wink.

  • Are tired of drama and want to turn your relationship with men into an exciting dance.

  • Wish you had more energy, charisma and charisma.

  • Want to activate your feminine magnetism & become irresistible.

Let yourself be seduced.

[You know you want to.]

Send me a message in the contact form to book your reading now.

50 minutes / € 119



TAROT + masculine instinct.

For men only.


Break the taboo of being a real man.

  • Reclaim your rough edges.

  • Sharpen the sword of your attention.

  • Put your dominance at the service of the world & the feminine.


We live in a society that no longer has any criteria for what makes a real man. Instead, we kneel before our new, self-appointed idol: Emotional self-expression.


Men are being inculcated:

  • Be anything you want to be and do whatever you feel like.

  • Express your feelings. Cry. Engage with your feminine side, because traditional male virtues are toxic anyway.

  • You don't need self-control or discipline - just love yourself as you are.

  • You don't need to be strong, stoic or dangerous. Women don't need men to protect them. Women can do it all themselves.

  • Your healthy aggression, your protective instinct, your sensual dominance are "lower" instincts that you should overcome.

  • You are over 30 and not ready for a relationship, nor do you have the emotional maturity or financial resources to start a family? Never mind! Family is a patriarchal construct anyway.

  • Be vulnerable. Open your heart. "Feel" your feelings.

No wonder the modern, "new" man is so watered down, effeminate and fragile. He is lost when it comes to his role as provider and protector & useless to women. His verticality, his stamina is weak and out of healthy proportion to his excessive "softie" skills.

In this reading we clear up the brainwashing and strategic confusion.

We put an end to false myths and talk straight.

This reading is not for softies.

This reading is dedicated to the predator in you:

  • Your healthy dominance.

  • The wise protector.

  • Your stoicism.

  • Your strength.

  • Your greatness.

We embark on your personal hero's journey. We descend into the dark trench and reclaim the two great masculine archetypes that our culture has currently banished to the collective unconscious because they are too powerful, too independent and too dangerous:

  • The archetype of the Dom - who makes a gift of his dominance to women, makes no apologies for his desires & knows how to lead sensually.

  • The archetype of the warrior, who uses his healthy aggression to protect life and everything that is sacred to him.

Are the predator readings right for you?

  • You finally want to embrace your masculinity and stop apologising for what you really want.

  • You want to be the man that women look up to & deeply respect.

  • You are tired of making yourself small and want to live your dominant side.

  • You are ready for big risks, big steps and big expansion. You want to get your life on track and live your destiny as a man.

  • You want a hotter and better sex life. You want to experience your partner in full ecstasy.


"Contain your woman. Sort your shit out elsewhere. Lead. The leader does not ask to be contained by those he leads. He is contained by his superiors - other, better men. He never goes 50/50 with a woman.

You want tits in your face and blowjobs?

You want feminine gifts, nourishment?

You want surprise chocolate cake and little butter tarts on your desk?

Then no whiny bullshit ever with her.

Lead her. Contain her. It's as simple as that."

- Noah Cebuliak

Book your reading now & enter the dark playground!
The world needs you, warrior.

50 Minuten / 119

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