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How I Leave my Marks

Aktualisiert: 12. Jan. 2023

I don´t call myself a coach, because it is not what I do.

I am an intuitive, a poet, a sensualitst and a Tarot-reader.

A half-hungarian warrior-soul that likes to run with the wild things.

A hardcore-introvert that runs a podcast about sex & the apocalypse.

A lover of beauty & luxury. A girl of simple pleasures.

A cute little kitten. And a tigress.

When it comes to the Tarot I mainly work with women.

They come to me with all kinds of topics, questions and challenges initially, but what I always find is that everything ends up at sensuality, femininity & feminine power. Because usually that´s the disconnect that is at the root of their unhappiness or not feeling good enough.

I don´t coach.

I read the cards, I draw from my intuition and I lead with an energy of turned-on aliveness.

That´s my role: I put out my feminine energy and I allow it to spread like a virus and infect other women so that they can follow their own desires & aliveness.

And that often looks very different than my own - since the feminine has so many different forms, flavours and tastes.

I am a conduit for that.

A conduit for her.

When I work with men I use the same energy to uplift & inspire them.

To tease their inner hero/warrior out of them that makes them want to go out and grab life by its balls.

It never ceases to amaze me

How we as human beings

Are equally drawn to and

Afraid of her.

She is everything that we desire.

Everything that we´re running from.

When we as women allow ourselves to die back into her,

We are returned to our true essence.

To me that´s the true meaning of eroticism.

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