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Read what others say about my work-

"I'm very impressed with how purposeful and with what precision you made your more than excellent interpretation. All things are correct with a 100% certainty. Like you can see the universe." 


"If I hadn't experienced what I experienced as an almost uncanny mixture of pertinent clues and at the same time encouraging and calling for action, I wouldn't believe it.

Your feedback is enlightening and clarifying.

Imperceptibly, things come together to form an understandable, transparent, larger, whole and the unclear takes shape."


"Ildiko does the readings professionally and with great empathy. It seems as if the cards are talking to her. In my personal reading, the absolute truth of my situation was on the table and there was no doubt about its accuracy. It was certainly hard for me to get the situation I was in in a nutshell again. Ultimately, I had to and was able to change my life situation - even if it was difficult in the short term - so that I can now breathe again and, above all, face an absolute new beginning. The maps show where you stand and what changes you should consider. Ildiko lays the tarot cards with feeling and with a great, almost universal knowledge." 


Completely real   Ildiko also describes the current situation, which makes the following recommendations even more conclusive. It just feels right. It's as if the voice of my heart is being formed into clear words via Ildiko's pleasant speaking voice, and in this way providing very concrete instructions for my future actions. Really touching and liberating.  


Thanks again for the AWESOME reading! You have an incredible talent for looking deep into my soul and showing me connections, solutions and paths that I would never have seen without your help. Your empathy, humor and sincerity are an asset to everyone who comes into contact with your work.


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