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You should be ashamed of yourself.

We live in a society that has become shameless, in a world that has lost its libido.

Lately, it has become terribly trendy to openly share our traumas and insecurities in public.

We are drowning in self-reflection, self-improvement, self-care, self-healing, and self-love, all the while wondering why narcissism has become so prevalent and people's emotional and social skills have hit an absolute rock bottom.

I get it, everybody wants you to spill your heart out, to become "vulnerable," and stop trying so hard. Just "be yourself." Be authentic. Be imperfect.

Come as you are.

Love your body as it is (never mind that your obesity is slowly killing you).

Be proud of yourself (even though you're a lazy, useless couch potato).

You are a beautiful, sexy Goddess (even though nothing about you is gracious anymore).

I think it is time we turn this madness around and become Catholic schoolgirls again.

Unfortunately, the fetishization of being ourselves has turned into a culture of absolute shamelessness. With the rise of the cults of "authenticity" and "vulnerability," we are seeing a vast increase in peopleshamelessly acting out their lowest, worst versions of themselves in public (or online) and proudly calling it their "true selves."

We are sold the idea that we need to work on ourselves, focus on ourselves, heal ourselves, realize our potential – while the world around us is going up in flames.

While the oceans are drowning in plastic.

While the soil is drying out.

While species are going extinct.

While communities and families are falling apart. While women are being gaslit into the ridiculous idea that their "liberation" and "empowerment" looks like enslaving

themselves to the labor market and driving themselves into the ground, while desperately trying to "have it all" and "do what a man can do while bleeding."

F*ck that. It is time for a shame renaissance.

You should feel ashamed for mindlessly f*cking around – it is a tremendous waste of your energy. No orgasm worth having was ever born out of this shameless, sensual wasteland.

You should feel ashamed for being a flaky, ghosting dick that screws girls over. You should feel ashamed for entering the streets in your pajamas – nobody wants to see it.

It is time to stop the madness of self-empowerment and "sexual liberation" – and shame is a way back into our remembrance of what we truly are, of what actually matters:

Honor. Dignity. Restraint.

Discipline. Fierce commitment.

Aliveness. And deep, earth-shattering ecstasy.

Shame is (and ought to be) your edge. Shame is here to keep you in check and keep you on track. Shame is healthy. Only the stupid masses are trying to get rid of their shame. In our world, we play and flirt with shame. We use it to create turn-on. We dance with it and use it as fuel for our aliveness.

The forbidden is sexy – so why take the taboos away?

The mysterious is erotic – so why make it accessible?

Shame guides us back to our dignity. It restores our sense of honor. So that we can stand up for everything that is worth fighting for. So that we can protect everything that is sacred in this life: The bleeding, breathing earth.

The world doesn't need more "feminine" energy. The world is already drowning in an excess of Yin that has dissolved all healthy boundaries that used to give us structure and the containment we need to truly surrender and break free.

We need more fierceness in this world. We need more warrior-protectors who know what the gift and deep responsibility of true dominance actually is, who know how to put women back into their (happy) place, and grab life by the balls.

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