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Eroticism & Creativity

I often get asked how I manage to be so creative.

What I do to stay so resilient and alive during these crazy times.

The truth is I have never experienced a creative block in my entire life.

What´s my secret?

1. I accept my cyclical nature and I acknowledge that my creativity doesn´t belong to me.

My creativity is part of nature. She belongs to the earth. She runs with the wild horses of my soul. And I know all of her seasons. I speak her language of ebb and flow fluently. I never mess with her, nor do I intervene with her rhythms.

2. I understand that true inspiration doesn´t live in our heads.

Ideas don´t come from our minds.

They live in our feet, in our pounding hearts and in our viscera.

They smell of our sweat. They are the raw material of our aliveness.

They are an outpouring of the wise animal that resides underneath our belly buttons.

They are the result of me being connected to my felt sense, to the aliveness within my flesh and living an embodied, sensual life.

All your creativity (or lack thereof) is a direct reflection of your (dis)embodiment.

The next time you´re struggling with a block don´t ask yourself what´s the reason for it or how you can fix yourself.

Simply get out of your head and back into your body.

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