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Courtesan wisdom for a de-polarized world

My only job is to feel her.

- On the power of carrying pleasure in the body.

Let yourself sink back into the soft depths of the flesh with me.

Melt back into the tacit wisdom that speaks to us through silence and sensation.

The language of skin and bones.

The wild path of embodiment.

The four-legged foundation on which we stand:

The liquid gold in our midst.

A bath in sacred aliveness.

My nervous system anticipates you.

Listens into you: We are:

In the world.

The world that dances, breathes and seduces us.

With people, possibilities and places.

Taking ownership of the body again, reclaiming it and inhabiting it fully is an act of rebellion.

And the lost puzzle piece of true feminine power.

Nothing has robbed us of our feminine power like feminism.

Nothing has weakened us as women (and men) like the current gender ideologies and wokeness.

Gender is a social construct, yes.

And it is a biological reality.

Men are different.

So are women.

Our only job as women is to feel ourselves.

To feel her: The wild, wise, sensual figure that lives below our belly button and has been waiting for ages to be kissed awake - not by our lover or prince, but first and foremost by ourselves.

We have to come back into ourselves:

Into the liquid gold of our center:

To be in feeling connection with her:

Through the fires & the storm.

Matter over mind.

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